While some travel to seek life, some travel to seek their deepest fantasies.

Whether it be for company, for leisure or pleasure, Ms. Madeleine Rose will be happy to visit you when she’s gliding through your town, from Paris to Milan, from New Jersey to Nevada, she will be your escort and effortlessly pull you into her world of passion and affection. Want to see where she’ll be? Here is an updated list:

Upcoming locations and dates

  • San Francisco: January 19, 2024 to January 24, 2024

If Ms. Rose happened to skip your town, no worries, you can gladly fly her to you. Deposits must be paid 72 hours in advance, plenty of time to plan a night of splendor.

Furthermore, if you simply cannot help yourself and must book her, bookings must be done through email, at 50% of the deposit must be paid in advance and these deposits are non refundable. Payment is accepted through PayPal, Cashapp, Zelle, or Venmo. If you must cancel, do it hesitantly, as multiple cancellations will have you blacklisted. Valid ID (passport, drivers license, etc.) must be provided to verify identity.

Meeting Up

  • One hour private dancing (outcall only): $250
  • One hour fetish session (outcall only): $350
  • One hour (outcall only): $450
  • Ninety minutes: $800
  • Two hours: $900
  • Swinger date (per hour, two hours minimum): $500
  • Party girl (per hour, two hours minimum): $600
  • One day: $3000
  • Overnight: $3500
  • Weekend: $9000
  • One week: $20,000
  • FMTY (per hour, minimum one day): $350