In the city that never sleeps, pleasure comes out to play.

Madeleine Rose, Ms. Rose if you’re nasty, certainly knows something about pleasure, considering she’s been in the business since 2015. She has been providing adult entertainment and company and has been loving it at every chance she could. As a journalist, she knew about the importance of sex, of history and culture… of love. But she realized sooner rather than later that culture is found when you leave the safety of the modern workload.

Burnt out from the typical office job, Ms. Rose decided to try something different. Thankfully, the internet will always be there when we need it the most. After scrolling through Craigslist, Ms. Rose found an advertisement for a modelling job, and thus her career in sex was born, and her eye for pleasure grew more intense.

Now, she spends her days fulfilling every client’s fantasy, as well as producing content for the people who want something a little more homemade, a little higher quality, and with a lot more authenticity, rather than the big-budget studio fare. Ms. Rose wants nothing more than to be your friend with benefits, so take the leap, and take a journey filled with ecstasy and pleasure beyond your wildest fantasies.